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CHECK THIS OUT! Infographic from Code Computerlove

Click the image to see the enlarged infographic

Click the image to see the enlarged infographic

LateDeals, who own many of Europe's best known holiday brands has created this stunning infographic showcasing 80 different methods of travelling around the globe. Digital design agency Code Computerlove are behind the infographic, which makes sense seeing as they're behind's entire marketing for the new website and branding.

Code Computerlove gathered research and discovered that there are 80 ways you could travel round the world from a hovercraft to a jet pack, to an electric milk float or on ice skates (although we wouldn't recommend it). The list also reveals that it would take a total of 24 years and 61 hours to travel round the world using all 80 methods of travel mentioned.

The quickest way to make it round the globe would be by rocket, which would take just over eight hours, travelling at 3100 mph, followed by a magic carpet which would travel at 1037 mph and take one day. The slowest way would be by canoe, which would take 1037 days and 14 hours, travelling at 1mph. We don't know about you, but we certainly don't have a spare 1037 days! has also discovered that it would take 12 days to travel the world in a Del Boy-style three wheeled Reliant Robin. You could also zorb around the globe in 32 days, or if you're feeling particularly fit, you could make it 132 days on a pedalo.