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What font is your beard?

If you've ever wondered what kind of font your facial hair is (and we're sure that you have) this cool new infographic, which matches beard illustrations with their typeface equivalents, will answer all your questions.

Developed by artist Christian Goldemann, the humorous infographic details 25 popular facial hair styles, assigned with a font based on their characteristics. It's easy to see the inspiration behind some of the designs, the most obvious being the Baskerville font used for the moustache sported by Sherlock Holmes' sidekick John Watson. Although we're not sure about how or why Goldemann paired up certain others, like ZZ Top and Futura, for example.

That aside, it's a brilliant, unique and playful concept. And who knows, if you're in want of a new look or struggling to decide what next to do with your facial fur this could well be an invaluable new resource!

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