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Learn creative essentials with the ABC of design

ABC of Design infographic

Brush up on your design terms with this cool infographic

Even the most talented and experienced designers have to explain their work and deal with creative criticism, but how can you articulate your vision to clients? Fortunately the design industry is shaped by a glossary of terms that explain the technical thinking behind creative decisions, as this infographic from DesignMantic reveals.

A neat piece of design work in itself, the ABC of design runs through 26 key words every designer needs to know and turns their meaning into stylish graphics. (We love how they snuck in the essence of negative space.)

So the next time you need to pitch a project or give feedback to a design team, be sure to drop some of these phrases to give your opinions some extra bite.

The ABC of Design

This graphic glossary will help any designer

[Via Design Taxi]

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