8 Insta feeds to follow for logo design inspiration

Instagram is packed with inspiring imagery for creatives. Whether you're looking for mood board-style references to shape the look and feel of your campaign imagery, or need to find a new illustration style to suit a brief, there's a feed for you.

But what if your research needs are more specific – rather than colour palettes, composition, or approaches to art direction, you're looking for great examples of logos to kick-start your creative process?

You're in luck. Read on for eight inspiring Insta feeds that'll help keep that logo design inspiration flowing... 

Or for the best places to look outside of Instagram, check out our post on where to find logo design inspiration.

01. @logoarchive

@logoarchive Insta feed

Dubbed "a study of form language in logo design," LogoArchive is a carefully curated selection of logos by BP&O founder Rich Baird, who refers to it as "a recovery, research and restoration project". 

With no company names, symbols are presented in isolation, at an identical scale and in stark black-and-white, making for a fascinating comparison of abstract forms and how they communicate information. And with around 130,000 followers, Baird must be doing something right.

02. @logofavs

@logofavs Insta feed

Curated by freelance logo designer and Logo Lounge jury member Jeroen van Eerden, LogoFavs presents a broad, colourful range of logo designs – shown in situ, in progress, and in clean, crisp isolation – for the inspiration and reference of his 15,000 followers. Use #logofavs to get on van Eerden's radar.

03. @logolearn

@logolearn Insta feed

While LogoFavs includes some sketches and WIP, logolearn makes them its bread and butter, and to great effect – the feed has over 250,000 followers. Pulling back the curtain on the logo design process, it includes grids, roughs, before-and-after comparisons and much more. Use #logolearn to get involved.

04. @logodesignlovers

@logodesignlovers Insta feed

Similar to LogoArchive's stark, monochrome approach but in reverse, Logo Design Lovers presents only black logos on white – including the occasional greyscale WIP sketch for some variety. This gives the feed a clean, crisp, curated feel. Tag @logodesignlovers to get your work showcased to its 17,000 followers.

05. @logo.inspire

@logo.inspire Insta feed

Compared to its black-and-white counterparts, there's a patchwork of colour on display on the logo.inspire feed, which seems to favour character-driven logos and simple vector shapes and gradients. Use #logoinspire for the chance to be showcased to its 26,000 followers.

06. @logoinspirations

@logoinspirations Insta feed

With roughly 750,000 followers, Logo Inspirations is the most popular logo inspiration feed on this list. With a simple mission statement – "Promoting designers and the best logo identities" – it draws together a vibrant, diverse and colourful selection from around the world. It's regularly updated too, and has almost 9,000 posts. Get involved with #logoinspirations

07. @logodose

@logodose Insta feed

Joining LogoArchive with the striking white-on-black approach, Logodose offers a "daily dose of logo inspiration" to keep you going – and has been running long enough to clock up just over 400 posts so far. 

Polished final logos are showcased alongside grids to show the thinking behind their construction, and many posts include a slideshow of different elements, including some in-situ examples. Its follower count currently sits close to 30,000.

08. @logomovement

@logomovement Insta feed

While several of the feeds on this list achieve a consistent, curated look and feel by paring back to black-and-white, Logo Movement has an even smarter strategy. The grid is considered as a whole, with new posts in threes – dark backgrounds on the left, light in the middle, bright colours on the right. 

With almost 60,000 followers, it's the third most popular logo inspiration feed on our list – and well worth a visit for more than just its clever Instagram feed layout. Tag @logomovement to be considered for inclusion.

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Nick Carson

Nick is a content strategist and copywriter. He has worked with world-class agencies including Superunion, Wolff Olins and Vault49 on brand storytelling, tone of voice and verbal strategy for global brands such as Virgin, Pepsi and TikTok. Nick launched the Brand Impact Awards in 2013 while editor of Computer Arts, and remains chair of judges. He's written for Creative Bloq on design and branding matters since the site's launch.