Discover why disagreement is the key to great collaboration

Ben Callahan will give a talk about building a human-centred culture at Generate New York on 28 April, while Sparkbox developers Daniel Flynn and Rob Tarr will host a workshop about mastering front-end tooling on the day before the conference. If you buy a combined workshop and conference pass, you will save $125! But hurry, there are only limited places for the workshop. 

How do you collaborate with your clients?
BC: Most of our customers have their own internal teams of UX and UI designers and developers. They may be small teams (one of our clients has one developer) or they may be massive (one client has well over 50 people on their UX team and hundreds of developers), but our goal is to work with them, not for them. 

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Oliver Lindberg

Oliver is an independent editor, content consultant and founder of Pixel Pioneers. Formerly the editor of net magazine, he has been involved with the web design and development industry for more than a decade and helps businesses across the world create content that connects with their customers. He is passionate about content, user experience, accessibility and designing for social good.