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Google's secret search trick will delight kerning connoisseurs

Google kerning

Rememeber this? It seems Google has more kerning tricks up its sleeve

We've been obsessed with kerning at Creative Bloq this week, so here's a little more... You may remember that Google changed its logo design earlier this year – the company has frequently come under fire for its type choice so it decided to improve the kerning, making it a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Getting kerning right is undoubtably one of the 10 commandments of typography. It's the process of adjusting the spacing between letters to achieve a visually pleasing result – which many get horribly wrong – and Google has decided to have a little fun with the process with a clever little kerning trick.

Google kerning

Check out the clever little kerning trick with Google's search terms

If you type 'kerning' into the search engine in one tab, and 'typography kerning' in another, you’ll notice a little extra breathing space between the lettering on the 'kerning' search results page. Discovered by Google UK's Pierre Far, it's a brilliant ode to the design discipline and one that will bring a smile to any typography geek's face.

[via Search Engine Land]

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