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Gucci turns artistic installations into virtual spaces

Fashion, art, and technology come together in the latest creative initiative from the luxury fashion brand, Gucci. Located in the company's Tokyo store, Gucci 4 Rooms is an immersive installation created by four international artists who have been given free reign by Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michele, to interpret the brand's key motifs.

Want to see the installations but don't live anywhere near Tokyo? You're in luck, because Gucci have transformed the rooms into immersive online experiences that everyone can enjoy. Taking the shape of short interactive videos, visitors can either watch the rooms unfold before their eyes, or click on certain areas to explore products in detail with artistic cutaways.

The installations themselves vary from Tokyo-based contemporary artist Mr 's post-apocalyptic wasteland littered with scorched manga and anime debris, to Chiharu Shiota's classical room engulfed in interweaving strands of red thread that look like a giant game of cat's cradle.

As for the other two rooms, these include Daito Manabe's surreal pinball game-themed space, and Brooklyn artist Trevor Andrew's lo-fi graffiti realm, complete neon ghosts and a recurring diamond motif.

For a luxury fashion brand like Gucci, creating strange spaces such as these could be seen as a bit of a risky move. However we think they help to present the company in a new light, and since when has high end fashion been about conservatively rehashing the past anyway?

Gucci 4 rooms is available to visit until November 27 at Gucci Ginza 7th Floor.

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