Lego art: 40 designs that will blow your mind

21. Pop-up book Lego art

Lego Art: Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya's pop-up book

What can we say about Nathan? Well, first off he's one of the, if not the biggest Lego artist around. Counting himself as one of the world's certified Lego professionals, when he's not jetting off around the world showcasing his artwork in prestigious galleries, he's at his studio creating the next array of Lego art masterpieces.

Here, the pop-up book is a celebration of Waldo H. Hunt – ''the king of pop-up.'' It's created entirely out of Lego (which is handy for this list) and is based around a poem Nathan wrote himself. You can see the said poem across the pages of the book, which we think is a lovely touch.

See more of Nathan's incredible work at his personal website (opens in new tab). Or see below...

22. Crowd

Lego Art: Nathan Sawaya

Nathan Sawaya's Crowd

We could compile this entire list with Nathan's creations but we'll treat you to just two. Crowd has been trawling the United States for quite some time thanks to Nathan's popular exhibitions so you may have seen it before.

Inspired by the throngs of people walking the streets of New York, Crowd also gives us a sense of George Orwell's 1984 with its watchful eye. The blending of the Lego colours is a perfect example of how talented Nathan is; combining art and toys has never looked so good.

Both Pop-up book and Crowd are currently on tour as part of Nathan's The Art of the Brick exhibition. Schedule information can be found on his website (opens in new tab).

23. Cool robots

Anyone who can call themselves a 'professional kid' and can make money from building robots (and other such things) out of Lego, definitely deserves a mention. Sean Kenney is another certified Lego art professional and does just that and has been making waves on the sculpture scene for quite some time.

In this video, the short tutorial coincides with the release of his book Cool Robots (opens in new tab). He shows you how you too can become a Lego artist (who wouldn't want that?!) with the Lego pieces that you already own. Check out the rest of his work on his website (opens in new tab).

24. The Love Boat Lego art

Lego Art: Ryan McNaught

Ryan McNaught's Lego Love Boat

Australian designer Ryan McNaught is another artist who can claim to be a Certified Lego Professional on his CV – pretty cool huh? The Love Boat is just one of his incredible works and this photo is merely the middle interior. You can see the rest of the pictures, along with his other work on his Flickr stream (opens in new tab).

McNaught specialises in interactive models and has even made a Qantas Airbus A380 incorporating Lego Mindstorms technology in the past. It's no wonder he has a stash of awards. You can contact Ryan via his website (opens in new tab).

25. Movie Dudes

Lego Art: Angus Maclane

Angus Maclane's Ghostbusters

Angus Maclane is one of Pixar's many talented staff members. He has the distinction of working on almost every feature after joining the company in 1997 including Up, Wall-E and Toy Story 3.

If that doesn't make him talented enough, he is an avid Lego builder in his spare time. Take a look at his Flickr stream (opens in new tab) and you'll see that Angus has managed to create the likes of Gizmo, Indiana Jones, and Dennis Quad using only Lego pieces. 

26. Star Wars star destroyer

We couldn't compile a list about Lego art without a mention of Star Wars, right? Lego's master builder Erik Varszegi compiled this amazing rendition of Star Wars' Venator class star destroyer using only Lego pieces. Just look at the size of it!

This 8-foot Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser LEGO model is one of many creations made from Erik's hands. You can see more images for this Star Wars replica via this Flickr stream (opens in new tab).

27. Obama's Inauguration

Lego Master Model builder Gary McIntire doesn't do things by halves. When Obama's inauguration took place on 20 January, 2009, he felt there was no other way to celebrate than with Lego.

Take a look at his amazing reconstruction of that monumental day, with hundreds of tiny Lego characters and a Lego White House so close to the real thing. Who knew Lego could make politics fun?!

28. Creatures of habitat at Philadelphia Zoo

Lego Art: Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney's penguins for 'Creatures of habitat'

We just had to feature another of Sean's Lego sculptures. This collection entitled Creatures of Habitat (opens in new tab) was created for Philadelphia Zoo to raise awareness of endangered species. And what could be more engaging than Lego animals?

Children flocked to see the sculptures which included a polar bear, penguins and monkeys on display during 2010. Sadly, the sculptures have now been safely locked away but you can still continue to support endangered animals – just not Lego ones.

29. Allianz Stadium

This Allianz Arena Lego replica was built following the original plans from Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. It took an incredible 4,209 hours of work and over a million Lego pieces to create.

Inside, there are a staggering 30,000 miniature Lego figures to make up the audience. The stadium even contains interior LED lighting to glow red, white and blue to match that of the actual stadium. Special translucent bricks were commissioned for the project.

30. The Burn

Lego Art: Cole Blaq

Cole Blaq's The Burn

Cole Blaq is an artist hailing from Germany. He's created some awesome Lego designs including his graffiti series (opens in new tab). Here, Cole has managed to create an almost true-to-life burning fire using only Lego bricks.

The mixture of light to dark colours is what really makes this piece work. Although Cole isn't actually endorsed by Lego, we think they should be stopping by his website (opens in new tab) pronto!

31. Hummingbird

Lego Art: Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney's Hummingbird

Okay, okay, we know we should stop featuring his work but it's just so good! This giant Ruby-Throated Hummingbird magically hovers eight feet about the ground while getting its grub from a giant flower.

This piece took Sean and his team over four weeks to design and five weeks to build with 31,565 Lego pieces. We're still baffled about how Sean managed to keep the bird hovering in the air. It's currently on show at the Reiman Gardens in Iowa as part of Sean's travelling exhibition Nature Connects (opens in new tab).

32. Working harpsichord

Lego Art: Henry Lim

Henry Lim's Harpsichord

Henry Lim has a habit involving Lego which sometimes results in some incredible sculptures. With the exception of the wire strings, this instrument is entirely constructed out of Lego parts. And it is playable.

It took him two years of designing, theorising, collecting parts, building, testing and then building again. You can take a tour of the harpsichord or indulge in its history via his website (opens in new tab). Lego art at it's very best.

33. Brooklyn

Lego Art: Jonathan Lopes

Jonathan Lopes' Brooklyn

Brooklyn based artist Jonathan Lopes has started working with Lego, recreating his beloved Brooklyn landscape. Although small in scale (it has to fit in his living room) the urban creation is breathtaking.

The buildings are real spots he walks past everyday and the finished product took him over two years to complete. The city has since been broken up into sections to be displayed around his beloved home city. You can see the rest of his work over on his website (opens in new tab).

34. St Pancras Christmas Tree

We know it's a little early (or late?) to be mentioning Christmas but we couldn't help ourselves once we laid eyes upon this incredible Christmas tree that was placed in London's St. Pancras in 2011.

Commissioned by the UK's only certified Lego professional Duncan Titchmarsh and his team at Bright Bricks (opens in new tab), the tree consisted of approximately 400,000 Lego bricks and remains as the biggest Lego tree in history. Who can beat them this year?

35. Life-sized Lego SUV

Back in September 2011, a Connecticut-based team of 22 master builders created a life-sized Lego SUV to mark the release Ford's 2012 production range. Sadly, the car doesn't actually drive or work in any way shape or form but it sure looks cool!

The team spent a gruelling 2,500 hours creating the car, using 380,000 bricks (that's around $40,000 dollars to you and me.) In its entirety, the car weighs over 2,600 pounds. 

36. Predator

Lego Art: Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder's Predator

Shawn Snyder has got some serious Lego skills and one of our favourites is this Predator creation. We've had a bit of a love affair with Predator lately (thanks to our sci-fi addiction (opens in new tab)) and this just seals the deal.

Snyder has created a range of different predators on his website (opens in new tab) as well as Star Wars characters and superheroes. It's a truly impressive collection from a guy that counts Lego art as a hobby.

37. Princess Mononoke

Lego Art: Eric Harshbarger

Eric recreated the character from the popular Studio Gibli anime

Professional Lego artist Eric Hashburger says that qualities for a project must use bright, primary colours and be something that is part of pop culture – something that is easily recognised by most people, whether constructed from Lego bricks or not.

Here, he realised that characters from Japanese anime were prime subjects. This model of San from Princess Mononoke is just over 5ft tall and weighs around 80 pounds. Adrian is also quick to add that the sculpture is completey glue free. To see more of Hasburger's work, visit his Lego art website (opens in new tab).

38. London Olympic Stadium

We've already mentioned Warren Elsmore (opens in new tab), but his gold-standard creation deserves another mention. To celebrate the Olympics, Warren decided to build a homage to the stadium in Lego art.

The extraordinary work consists of approximately 250,000 standard Lego bricks and took Warren and his wife over 300 hours to construct. 

39. Batman to Joker mosaic

Arthur has already created a number of impressive mosaics, including the Afghan Girl and Anakin morphing into Darth Vadar. However, we were most impressed by this incredible Batman and Joker creation. From one angle the picture is Batman and then from the other angle it slowly turns into the Joker.

Arthur believes that this is the fourth lenticular mosaic, with the first being Chris Doyle's mosaic Dorian Bley (opens in new tab). You can see more of Arthur Gugick's incredible Lego art on his website (opens in new tab).

40. Lost Worlds Dinosaur

Lego Art: Brick DesignWorks

Brickville DesignWorks builds sculptures for promotional purposes

Brickville DesignWorks is a commercial venture, with the goal of using Lego bricks and products to produce sculptures for events, displays and exhibits. The team is headed by Robin Sather, Canada's only certified Lego art professional.

This dinosaur sculpture was created for the Telus World of Science and is one of the company's largest creations. You can see more of Brickville DesignWork's Lego art on here (opens in new tab).

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