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Watch this! Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail

We all know that art comes in many forms and this video from Etsy and filmaker Tara Young is one of the most inspirational creative films we've had the pleasure of discovering. James A. Power has been assembling his mosaics on the lamposts of New York for over 25 years; brightening up the streets and continually enlightening the citizens of the city.

After serving a year in Vietnam at the age of 22, Jim came back to the East Village in New York City and worked as a carpenter, building stone walls. He loved working outside so much that he decided to build his first mosaic in 1985, and that was the beginning of the trail.

The Giuliana clean-up

Sadly, back then the East Village was a dangerous and derelict place to be. Jim became homeless but despite his troubled situation, he continued his artwork. During the latter part of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, Giuliana was in office and decided to 'clean up the city' - this meant taking down 50 of Jim's mosaics.

Thankfully, this didn't deter Jim's passion for his artwork and together with his dog, he continues to make his mosaics to this very day. Each mosaic tells a story, with many portraying famous gangsters and monumental moments within the area. We think Jim is an absolute inspiration for the entire design community, so let's hope his mosaic trail withstands any future political 'clean-ups'.

You can purchase one-of-a-kind mosaic man beltbuckles from his online shop on Etsy.

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