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Digital agency creates 'living' logo

Amaze logo

The new Amaze logo reacts to movement and sound

We've seen plenty of unique logo designs here at Creative Bloq. And this one from digital agency Amaze is no exception. To celebrate the company's 20th birthday and two decades of digital innovation, the team created a 'living' brand mark that reacts to the actions of their website's users.

Being fascinated with how human behaviour is at the core of technology, creative technologist Daniel Brown developed the floating gloopy logo, which visualises digital and human activity by changing shape.

Users can tranform the logo by making physical movements thanks to the watching mode which uses a desktop's webcam, while the listening mode makes it adapt to sound. Using more than 10,000 polygons to create smooth animations, the responsive word mark even works on smart phones.

Amaze logo

The 'living' logo works across different devices

Amaze CEO Natalie Gross says: "We're fascinated by the combination of technology and human behaviour, and are deeply passionate about creativity borne out of multi-disciplinary people and teams. The new brand mark embodies both of these values."

For the full story behind the redesign, check out Amaze's blog post about their unique living brand mark.

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