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Burger giant Wendy's gets a logo makeover

new wendys logo

Wendy's have opted for a sleeker look with their new logo

For the first time since 1983, one of America's best loved burger-joints has decided to give its girl a makeover. Although we've all grown to love the old-fashioned typography and classic red, white and yellow colour scheme, the time has come to give the company a new look.

A new direction

Wendy's new look features the chain's name in a casual red font against a clean white backdrop. The classic image of Wendy herself has also been altered to look a little older; paving the way for Wendy's new transformation into a higher-end hamburger chain.

It's only the company's fifth logo update, since they first opened back in 1969 and could arguably be their most important. At a time when competition is rife, Wendy's continue to battle for their fast-food place.

The CEO is making changes

As well as the logo revamp, CEO Emil Brolick is also planning on making changes to the many Wendy's restaurants which include, natural lighting, flat-screen TVs and a variety of seating options, including cushy chairs in nooks.

So what do you make of the new logo? Should Wendy's stick to their traditions? Let us know in the comments box below!