10 redesigns for the Google Chrome logo

Chrome is a free web browser that was launched by Google back in 2008. In just six short years it’s gone on to be a massive success, occupying around a 39 per cent share of the worldwide usage of web browsers, and for very good reason.

It’s fast, blisteringly fast in fact; loading web pages in lightening-bolt time and running complicated web applications in a snap. It’s also super-secure, streamlined and easy to use. Hardly surprising it’s made such an impact. So to pay homage to this digital smash hit, here’s a showcase of new Google Chrome logo designs - enjoy!

01. Alistair Holt

Alistair Holt Google Chrome logo redesign

Portal meets Google in this styling mash-up

Combining the smash-hit game Portal with the Google Chrome logo is a sure fire recipe for success. This redesign takes inspiration from the Portal gun; game geeks across the planet fall to their knees.

02. Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri Google Chrome logo redesign

Sketch-style redesign of the Google Chrome logo

A gorgeous hand-made treatment of the Google Chrome logo that has plenty of texture, character and cool. We love the chalkboard-like background complete with quirky hand-drawn illustrations.

03. Celegorm

Celegorm Google Chrome logo redesign

Retro, hex-shaped Google Chrome logo

Ahh, the old '70s combination of orange-brown with Happy Shopper-esque colours. This retro redesign of the Google Chrome logo is horribly nostalgic yet honest to the original.

04. Baldvin Mar Smarason

Baldvin Mar Smarason Google Chrome logo redesign

Picture an animated version of this folding in on itself... Cool, huh?

Using folding techniques is a great way to add unparalleled amounts of realism. So much so, in fact, we think we like it more than the original Google Chrome logo.

05. Gianluca Divisi

Gianluca Divisi Google Chrome logo redesign

We imagine this spinning round at high speed and slicing through stuff. Yeah

A super-shiny treatment of the Google Chrome logo that’s suitably space-age for the mark that symbolises the future of web browsers.

06. Logan Ogden

Logan Ogden Google Chrome logo redesign

There's something very pleasing about this stripped-back Google Chrome logo redesign

A lovely mosaic incarnation that adds interest and a structure to the standard Google Chrome logo.

07. Joy-Vincent Niemantsverdriet

Joy-Vincent Niemantsverdriet Google Chrome logo redesign

Cold, smooth interpretation of the Google Chrome logo

Here’s an innovative approach that abandons the primary colour palette of the original Google Chrome logo in favour of hard metal and icy cold hues.

08. Damian Kidd

Damian Kidd Google Chrome logo redesign

Disaster Area's stunt ship may have been the influence here...

And taking the minimal colour approach even further, here we have black Chrome, looking very much like something hacked off the mother ship in the movie Alien.

Browser Cookie Google Chrome logo redesign

The sort of browser cookies you don't need a warning about

So much fun and good enough to eat! The Chrome cookie makes the logo even more appetising and adds a homely-feel you’d never associate with a technology brand.

10. Matthew Daniels

Matthew Daniels Google Chrome logo redesign

There are many 3D interpretations of the Google Chrome logo, but this is the classiest

And finally, here’s the Google Chrome logo in 3D. Through clever use of shading and shadows, the creative behind this redesign brings life and depth to the 2D original.

Words: Amie Pallen and Craig Stewart

Amie Pallen loves creative logo designs, and currently she is working at Who is hosting this.com reviews; a useful webmaster tool that lets you discover which web host any website uses.

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Have you seen or designed a Google Chrome logo, or been creative with another famous piece of branding? Let us know in the comments!

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