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Robot-powered projection will make your eyes pop

Some aspects of design have to be seen to be believed. Examples of trompe l'oeil have been scrambling our brains for years now - creating the kind of illusions that are quite simply, unbelievable. This video from Bot & Dolly was remarkably created without any special effects.

As the performer engages with a morphing set, unfathomable shapes, graphics and animations are revealed. As the awe-inspiring video continues, we're eventually shown that it is in fact, a robotic mechanism hidden behind every illusion. Using their state of the art robotic camera systems "Iris" and "Scout", the technique allows for millimeter precision of the robot arms.

The team developed software to interface the robots in 3D system Maya, that allows them to control camera movement, activate lights, and shift set pieces. Watching the elements match in real time is incredibly impressive and showcases Bot & Dolly's motion talents.

See more inspiring work over on the Bot & Dolly website.

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