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Iconic guitars get a flat makeover

FlatGuitars is a beautiful hobby project by David Navarro. It's a catalogue of famous guitars recreated in a flat design style, with a short biography of each one. Navarro updates it weekly with a graphic treatment of the latest legendary axe.

"The idea behind FlatGuitars is: how we can show as many details as possible, keeping things simple?" says Navarro. "This was also the main rule when we faced the design of the site. A responsive approach helped (and forced us) to keep things simple and consistent in every screen size and device."

Each guitar can be zoomed to view finer artistic details. "We defined three visualisations: portrait, 4:3 and widescreen mode," Navarro goes on. "In every mode we tried to show the illustration well balanced on the screen, keeping description and UI elements visible but not so prominent." This mentality of designing for spaces, not devices, ensures the design scales appropriately to its space on the end device.

Words: Jordan Moore

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 247.

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