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Meet your Dribbble pals at the Generate pre-event!

Enter the code generate100 at the checkout this week to get $100 off your ticket to Generate New York, which is taking place next week on 20 June.

We want to create as many networking opportunities as possible at Generate, so we've organised an evening of socialising that will take place the day before the conference. The event is sponsored by Dribbble, Media Temple, Shopify and 500px Prime, which means plenty of free drinks and snacks.

The Houndstooth pub, 520 Eighth Ave @ 37th St, New York City

The Houndstooth pub, 520 Eighth Ave @ 37th St, New York City

There will be a Dribbble Meetup at the Houndstooth Pub on 8th Ave for those keen to connect with their online pals, and also a series of speaker interviews conducted by Carl Smith. Ethan Marcotte, Karen McGrane, Dave Shea and Jenn Lukas will take part, and there will be a chance to meet them after they've done their session. We will also be handing out conference badges, so you can avoid the rush at registration the next day.

This evening will be a fun and relaxed way to meet some conference buddies before the day even gets started, so we hope to see you there.