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Stunning site takes you behind the scenes of the Lexus Swarm

People are talking about this Lexus advert - in which a multiple quadrocopters swarm through a city - because it's great. It showcases technology developed by KMel Robotics using 3D mapping software, complex algorithms and motion capture equipment. But take a look at the accompanying website by CHI & Partners!

The Lexus Swarm online experience is a huge part of the overall campaign and Lexus does an exemplary job by sharing the story of its ads with us on this site, demonstrating the creative process.

Chad Warner, digital creative director at CHI & Partners says, "The site design was about bringing the user closer to that story and experience through film and photography. No technical trick to distract, just a brilliant story that you're pulled through."

The website looks amazing on mobile too and there's absolutely no doubt that Lexus is doing some great things online.

"The web experience was about telling the bigger story behind the campaign. Something almost bigger than the 60 second spot, that's what the site allowed us to do," adds Warner.

Words: Ros Horner

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 250.

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