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Twitter event brings together design minds

The One Day for Design homepage

The One Day for Design homepage pulling in Twitter updates

Assuming you're reading this on April 13, One Day For Design is going on right now. The event is the brainchild of AIGA and brings together anyone who wants to participate and smash ideas together, converse about design things, exchange ideas and give creative thinking a good, solid shake-up.

Thoughts must be succinct, though, since the event is happening live on Twitter. Today's moderators are Alex Bogusky, Doug Bowman, Liz Danzico, Debbie Millman, Erik Spiekermann, Armin Vit, Alissa Walker and Katherine Walker, and you can follow along or join in by using the hash tag #1D4D.

One Day For Design showcases that Twitter is far more than just a platform for minutiae, proving that it can be a great equaliser, a platform for innovation and a launchpad for new and exciting ideas of substance. This is probably music to the ears of platform chief Ryan Sarver, who recently warned developers to stay away from making third-party Twitter clients and instead use Twitter for value-add purposes.

Take care, however, because this is the kind of event that you get sucked into. As @TeodoraBlindu quipped earlier, "I have way too many things to do, but @onedayfordesign is just too good. Today should've been a national holiday #1D4D". We know the feeling.