Adorable doodles interact with everyday objects


Scribbling doodle art in notebook margins or on scrap bits of paper is a common way for creatives to keep themselves entertained if they're feeling bored or lazy. But artist Manik n Ratan has gone one step further and turned his doodles themselves into an entertaining project called Toons in Real world.

"I enjoy spending lazy times doodling," he explains on his Behance page. "So, I planned to post at least one doodle a day on my Instagram profile. But It's sad, I'm even lazier at maintaining posting one doodle a day."

By using household objects as inspiration, Ratan's doodles give everyday items a surreal twist as they interact with monsters, genies and astronauts. Some of the images even leap off the page and grab the objects themselves. Explore some of our favourites in the gallery below, and keep up to date with Ratan's doodles on his Behance page.

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This pen drive gives a tiny astronaut a boost
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You'll never look at Lego bricks in the same way again
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Ratan's clever character design makes this interaction believable
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Even an empty bottle can provide creative inspiration if you're imaginative enough
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This illustration starts to come off the page as the monster handles the sugar packet
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We feel sorry for this monster, Nokia phones were extremely heavy
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Don't forget to floss!
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This doodle really comes to life with a paper arm that reaches off the page