Award-winning Affinity apps get major upgrade – and a 40% price drop

Serif has revealed Affinity Version 2 and for the first time the entire roster of its apps is available on iPad, making Serif a go-to place for your complete graphic design suite. This means upgraded editions of its incredibly popular and powerful suite of apps for designers, that includes Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Publisher 2, is an enticing Adobe alternative.

As our Affinity Designer review shows, this is a big deal for graphic designers. Serif's suite of design apps has closed the gap on Adobe's software, and Affinity Designer itself is a fantastic Photoshop alternative

To recap, Affinity Photo 2 is a superb photo editing app; Affinity Designer 2 is excellent for vector graphic design and illustration; and Affinity Publisher 2 is a dependable InDesign alternative. The innovative Affinity 'Studio Link' feature means you can move between each app instantly in the same project.

Affinity V2 – get 40% off

A screen of a photo being edited in the Affinity Photo 2 app

Affinity Photo 2 works on iPad as well as desktops (Image credit: Serif)

Alongside today's announcement is news you can now buy the Affinity V2 Universal Licence, which gives you access to the full suite of software for one payment, and there's 40% off right now. There's no subscription, it's a one-off fee of $169.99 $99.99 / £144.99 £89.99.

If you don't want all three apps you can simply buy the software you need, and the 40% saving still applies. This all-inclusive offer looks like a better deal now every app runs on iPad, ensuring you can take your complete workflow anywhere.

Affinity Publisher shown working on an iPad, a page from a magazine is being edited

Affinity Publisher comes to iPad for the first time in the Affinity Version 2 upgrade (Image credit: Serif)

While the three apps have been upgraded with new features (see below), the big news is that Affinity Publisher 2 is now on iPad for the first time and includes new touch-friendly tools such as the Command Controller, a new radial dial menu. It's iPadOS 16-ready too. 

This means Serif's impressive design workflow is now available on Apple's superb on-the-go tablet. Your iPad is now as complete as your MacOS or Windows desktop or laptop, and is designed for mobility.

In a statement Ashley Hewson, managing director of Serif, said: "There’s genuinely never been anything like this before. The power and portability of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad allows you to take page design and layout out of the confines of the office and into whatever space brings you most inspiration.”

Affinity V2: new features

A screen of Affinity Designer

New features like Hue Range makes the Affinity Photo workflow faster than ever (Image credit: Serif)

Affinity Designer 2 gets a number of eye-catching new tools, includes Vector Warp that means you can apply non-destructive warps to text and images to twist your designs; the Shape Builder Tool enables you to build complex designs from simple shapes; and the Knife Tool lets you slice and dice your designs faster than ever. 

Affinity Photo 2 has some nice updates too, including Live Mesh Warp for distorting images to match underlying templates; RAW files can now be edited non-destructively; and you can speed up your workflow with Live Masks, that update update automatically based on an underlying image's properties, and Hue Range for applying automatic adjustments.

Affinity Publisher 2 gets a slew of eye-catching features, for example Books automatically syncs page numbers, contents tables and styles across all pages in the same document and Place Auto-flow means you can create a design that repeats across a document for instant designs.

Visit the Serif site for the complete upgrade list of new features. If you're looking for a good alternative to Adobe, and need a spectrum of design apps that connect beautifully and instantly together, then the Affinity V2 release is a great choice.

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