Apple's hilarious AirTag design restriction revealed

One of the least surprising aspects of Apple's product reveal event this week was the introduction of AirTags, the company's Tile-esque location trackers. Comprehensively leaked for months, it's fair to say we expected to be writing about AirTags this week. But we weren't expecting to be writing about them in relation to the word horseshit. 

No, that's not how we're describing AirTags (like you, we haven't got our hands on them yet – they're out on 30 April). We're sure they're great. But Apple won't be letting you customise them with certain words or emoji combinations as an engraving – including everybody's favourites symbols: Horse Face and Steaming Pile of Poo. (Check out our best Apple deals page if you're looking for some deals that don't stink.)

Apple Airtags

Some of the combinations that are allowed (Image credit: Apple/Future owns)

Yep, it seems even the emoji-based suggestion of the word horseshit is a step too far for Apple. Along with several predictable four letter words, the emoji combination is banned. As The Verge discovered, a horse emoji followed by a poo emoji is a no-go. The other way round? Absolutely fine, it seems.


It ain't happening, says Apple (Image credit: Apple)

Various other combinations of animal faces and poo appear to be acceptable to Apple. Unicorn shit, monkey shit, snake shit, shit chicken – all good. (Our thanks to The Verge for carrying out this essential research). And, bizarrely, it seems horseshit is allowed as an engraving on Apple's AirPods. Perhaps the company has become a little more prudish over the last year.

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 This is, of course, all very silly. (Horseplay, you might say). But hey, we're a design site, and this is story about how Apple is refusing to let you design your AirTags – so it's allowed. If you're looking for some slightly less crude news from this week's product announcements, check out these 5 biggest surprises from the Apple event

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Daniel John
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