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3d world 240

This issue, along with our usual reviews, inspiration and regular Q and A sections, we review Blackmagic Design's eGPU, teach you how to create monstrous machinery with Cinema 4D, and look at Gravity Sketch and GSG Light Kit Pro.

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We take a look inside the issue to find out what else is in store...

Feature: Be a better pro!

spread from 3D World 240

Get expert insight into being a better pro artist

We talk to a group of seasoned pro artists to get their thoughts and tips on what has made them successful. Spoiler: It's not all about staying creative but about dealing with clients, time management, and so much more.

Feature: VFX of The Meg

spread from 3D World 240

Plumb the depths of this aquatic VFX masterpiece

In this feature we talk to the team behind the visual effects of The Meg, looking at their approach to not just the implementation but the design decisions behind creating such an epic monster.

Training: Create a stunning sci-fi scene

3D world 240 spread

Use 3ds Max to create realistic otherworldly scenes

In this in-depth step by step tutorial, Oscar Juarez shows you how to use 3ds Max and Photoshop CC to create sweeping sci-fi vistas. Learn how to model, texture and light a scene, as well as use existing assets to populate your scene and tweak your renders in Photoshop.

Training: Make monstrous machines with Cinema 4D

3d world 240

Make large scale industrial models with CAD data

Creating industrial machines that are so detailed and of such a large size can appear daunting, but in this tutorial you'll learn the secrets to success, from using CAD data inside Cinema 4D to rendering using Octane.

Training: Use Marmoset in VR

3d world 240 spread

In this tutorial our expert VR artist, Martin Nebelong, shows you how to take Marmoset into a VR project, expanding your toolset 

Training: Create a destroyed pier

3d world 240 spread

Master hollywood-style destruction VFX

This tutorial will guide you, step-by-step, in the making of realistic destruction simulation, using 3ds Max, V-Ray and Rayfire.

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Rob Redman

Rob Redman is the editor of 3D World and ImagineFX magazines and has a background in animation, visual effects, and photography. As a 3D artist he created the mothership in the Webby winning Plot Device and was animator on the follow-up; Order up. He has created training for Cinema 4D and Blackmagic Design Fusion artists. He's been a published product and food photographer since the age of 15. As well as being a multi-instrumentalist, Rob is also an avid beard grower.