Tesla’s 'Cyberspoon' is another product nobody asked for

Tesla's Cyberspoon, inspired by the Cybertruck design
(Image credit: Tesla)

It seems like Tesla is doing everything it can not to release the Cybertruck, which now includes manufacturing custom Cybertruck-inspired spoons. Taking to Weibo (China's answer to X), Tesla China announced it was collaborating with McDonald's on the silver Cyberspoons via a series of strange promotional pictures.

It seems even Tesla's infamous CEO Elon Musk was entirely unaware of the bizarre release, claiming that the campaign was fake news. (McDonald's campaigns can be odd, but the brand has also had some hits – check out the best McDonald's ads.)

Two side by sides of a McDonald's McFlurry spoon, inspired by the Cybertruck

afaik, this is meant to be a spoon (Image credit: Tesla)

The spoon is supposedly part of a limited release, with only 50,000 units available to the public, retailing for $4 each. With its sleek silver colour and sharp angular handle, it very vaguely resembles the Cybertruck's design, but other than that, it's a little hard to see it as anything more than a posh McFlurry utensil. 

The announcement made waves after X user Sawyer Merritt noticed the company's strange brand collaboration. It didn't take long for Musk to notice the post, dismissing the new product with the following tweet: "Fake news afaik" (as far as I know). "It's real Elon. Tesla's official Weibo account is promoting it," Merritt responded, showing screenshots of the company's official Weibo page. 

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While it's slightly concerning that Tesla's CEO doesn't appear entirely au fait with the inner workings of his company, admittedly the brand has been known to churn out some strange products, like the Cybertruck cat tray and the limited edition Cyberwhistle, so perhaps we can't expect him to have a handle on all of them.

X users were suitably bemused by the strange product announcement, with some questioning whether it was some sort of early (or very late) April Fools joke. Others were a little more supportive, praising the product for its cute and playful design. 

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At the moment, it seems that the Cyberspoon is only available to the Chinese market, so unfortunately you won't be able to scoop one up at your local McDonald's drive-through. For more Tesla news, check out this bizarrely disguised Cybertruck that was recently spotted out in the wild.

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