This terrifying gadget is a disaster waiting to happen

The Gosleep
(Image credit: NYX)

Sleeping isn't always easy, is it? Sometimes no matter how many herbal teas you sink, pillows you toss or whale sounds you listen to, there is just no way of getting your beauty sleep. But what if we told you that there is one bizarre product claiming to sort all your sleeping issues?

The Gosleep is a product that features a range of gadgets from an air purifier to a wireless charger that can help you get to sleep. Sounds fairly normal right? Well, the Gosleep features a mode called 'Sleep Air' that we think sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Want to have a go at designing your own products? Make sure you check out the best laptops for 3D modelling

The Gosleep's 'Sleep Air' mode gently emits small levels of Carbon Dioxide (Co2) into your room to help you fall asleep – yep, seriously. Now if you didn't know, Carbon Dioxide can be harmful, and sometimes deadly, if breathed in too much by an individual. Having a device that automatically emits a toxic gas sounds, well, terrifying – just imagine how awful it would be if it ever malfunctioned. 

Over on the NYX website, it explains the product by saying, "Have you ever felt drowsy in a closed car or in a crowded classroom? It’s because of the high concentration of CO2. CO2 is a gas produced inside the body that always occurs where humans are and builds up in poorly ventilated areas, which causes drowsiness".

The product was made by South-Korean based company, NYX. It looks like a pretty conventional air purifier but seeing as there may be pretty sinister consequences to it, we probably will keep it well away. Despite the name, the Gosleep also helps you to wake up by emitting 'fresh air' (a combination of oxygen and a scent), which sounds a lot more pleasant than being knocked out via gas. 

We doubt we will be treating ourselves to a Gosleep anytime soon, but if you need a hand drifting off to sleep, why not try reading one of these brilliant graphic design books 30 minutes before bed? Or perhaps a couple of episodes of your favourite Disney Plus show will help you to nod off. 

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