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ImagineFX 175 cover image
Pernille Ørum's fantastic cover art for ImagineFX 175 (Image credit: Pernille Orum)

Yeehaw! Our gun-slinging animation issue is on sale and it sure is a beauty! Inside this month’s edition, which goes on sale today in the UK, you’ll find everything you need to know about creating fantastic concepts and visual development imagery for animation and so much more! The animation industry is a fast-paced world, but we’re here to help guide you through some of the key skills you need to get started. 

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Alongside the workshops and interviews outlined below, artist Simon Baek show how he uses photos and an understanding of art fundamentals to help you concept a background for film, we also peek inside vis dev artist Betsy Bauer’s art studio, plus look at the sketches of Max Ulichney.

We’ll also investigate whether you really need an art degree to succeed in the world of art. Plus, there’s over three hours of video training! We’re on sale in print around the world, click here to see where we deliver. We're also available immediately as digital editions on iOS or for Android via Google News.  

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Explore what's on offer by taking a peek at the edition here, and reading about the lead features, below.

Create engaging art that's fit for animation

ImagineFX double page spread

Pernille Ørum takes centre stage on ImagineFX's latest cover (Image credit: Pernille Ørum)

Rising star Pernille Ørum reveals her sure-fire ways to create an engaging character in her step-by-step Photoshop workshop of her cover art, plus you can watch her video step-by-step. 

Get insight into creating lighting keys

ImagineFX double page spread

Follow Drew Hartel's pro advice on lighting scenes

In this eight-page workshop you’ll get 15 unmissable tips on lighting keys from US-based artist Drew Hartel who’s worked on Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, Cars and so much more. 

Learn animation portfolio advice

ImagineFX magazine spread

Create art to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd

Planning your portfolio is a crucial skill. You not only need to show off your technique but also your artistic versatility. Here, Mitch Leeuwe gives insight into creating a character sheet to put in your animation portfolio for clients. 

Legend: Aaron Blaise

ImagineFX magazine spread

Aaron Blaise talks about his illustrious career

Aaron Blaise talks to ImagineFX about his career at Disney during its golden age in the 90s, including his work on The Lion King, Aladdin and more.  He's now a renowned director and animation teacher.

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Claire is the editor of ImagineFX magazine the worldwide No.1 magazine for digital artists. Claire is passionate about the digital art community and is always on the look out for fantastic artists and creators. is this you? Get in touch!