Disney's Frozen gets negative space Broadway poster

Remember Frozen? If you were a sentient human in 2013, chances are the fantasy film's musical number Let It Go popped into your head when you saw this article. So it makes sense that the Disney Theatrical Productions have adapted Frozen into a Broadway musical, set for release next spring.

To promote the movie, a new poster was in order. Organising one fell to Andrew Flatt, Disney Theatrical's senior vice president for strategy, marketing and revenue.

Frozen's tale of the newly crowned Queen Elsa struggling with her magical ice-controlling powers is a story seared into the memories of children and patient parents around the world, so it makes sense that the poster needed to focus on these elements. Flatt also wanted to stick to a recognisable ice-cold colour palette.

The chosen design emerged from among several submissions by advertising agency Serino Coyne and was created by Olly Moss, a British artist based in Winchester, England. It features a stylised snowflake that incorporates the main characters through a clever use of negative space, which many observers might not notice immediately.

Olly Moss is well known for creating alternative posters for old movies

Over 100 poster concepts were submitted by Serino Coyne, which have been generously shared with comments by Flatt. They provide a fascinating insight into how big companies sift through potential designs. 

Explore these potential posters in the gallery below by clicking left to right. Each caption sums up Flatt's feedback.

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This clean poster was felt to be too conservative
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A chilly portrait poster needed more emotion and humanity
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There's a Sound of Music vibe in this rosemaling-inspired design
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A pristine white poster would get dirty fast, plus the composition was seen as creepy
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With the aurora borealis casting a spacey silhouette, this poster was seen as too sci-fi
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This thematic poster was described as a bit too literal and disembodied
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This playful knitwear-inspired design overlooked the depth of the show

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