Is Face ID for Mac finally on the way?

Face ID
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Despite the issues caused by face masks, Face ID is the most convenient way to unlock your device, which is why we've been waiting for it to be launched across Apple's entire range. And finally, information is beginning to emerge about the Face ID function coming to Mac computers.

A range of patents have been granted, which suggest Apple is working on a way to bring Face ID to Macs and MacBooks. Would the addition of Face ID convince you to buy a MacBook rather than other models on our most powerful laptops guide?


Are you looking forward to Face ID on a MacBook? (Image credit: MacRumors)

According to Patently Apple, patents have been filed for adding Face ID to MacBooks and iMacs. Apparently, the tech side has caused a headache as adding the technology into a desktop Mac is much simpler than putting it into a laptop. This is because with an iMac, the components can be housed at the top of the device, much like an iPhone. But the folding nature of a laptop means having some components placed at the top of the display and some built into the Touch Bar area within the keyboard.

Plus, earlier this year, some eagle-eyed code-savvy folk noticed code for Face ID built into Big Sur beta 3. Reportedly, code exists to support PearlCamera, which is widely known as internal codename for the TrueDepth camera and Face ID. 9to5Mac's investigations confirmed that the Face ID extension is definitely for "macOS, and it's not some remnant code from Catalyst technology".


Would it improve your iMac experience? (Image credit: Future)

Added to all this excitement is the possibility that Apple would use Face ID for other purposes, namely using eye-tracking technology that would allow the computer to perform actions based on your eye movements. Pretty impressive. Given the first Apple Silicon Mac is set to be released this year, which will have full integration with iOS apps, we're looking forward to finding out how the TrueDepth camera technology could work with other applications. 

It seems this is one patent that's soon to come to life, which, of course, is not always the case with Apple patents (as they file so many areas of exploration). Check out our favourite Apple patents we hope to see come true.

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