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Festive shape quiz is harder than it looks

christmas quiz
(Image credit: Supremo)

It's nearly Christmas, in case you hadn't noticed. And in the spirit of festive cheer, Supremo has updated its popular online game, Its Centered That with a seasonal new look. 

The game challenges users to decide whether dots are in the centre of shapes. Previously, these were the usual standard shapes, triangles and the like. But now, you get to guess whether or not the dot is in the centre of robins, reindeer and Christmas presents (really, still just a square, but there's a bow to liven things up). 

You even get to click on Rudolf the green-nosed reindeer to say 'yes', the dot is in the centre. Or Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer to say 'no'. The game doesn't state that his name is Rudolf, but we will assume so (see our Christmas vectors if you'd like some more seasonal shapes in your life).

christmas quiz

(Image credit: Supremo)

Supremo's quiz is harder than it sounds, but it's game over once you get one wrong. Your failure is expressed in the somewhat upsetting form of a pooh emoji over your screen, and then a sad Santa, so you may end up trying over and over again until you up your score. 

And even the most experienced among you with the sharpest eyes for proportions may not have finely tuned your skills when it comes to identifying the centre of a reindeer. Unless you've been really concentrating hard on making your Christmas cards, that is. 

Check out the Its Centered That seasonal game here and let us know how you do on Twitter or Facebook

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