I'm not sure how to feel about Honor's purse phone design

A model holding the Honor V Purse phone
(Image credit: Honour)

Nowadays it seems like every smartphone brand is hopping on the foldable phone bandwagon, but we were yet to see one that truly combines the worlds of fashion and function, until now. Tech brand Honor has unveiled the Honor V Purse, a foldable phone that can be worn like a handbag (as long as you don't intend on carrying anything else), complete with interchangeable straps and dual display screens.

Making its grand debut at IFA 2023, the foldable phone bag (or is it a bag phone?) is still in its conceptual phase, but it's certainly unique alongside its competitors in the folding phone world. (If you're after your own foldable phone, check out this guide for the best flip phones). 

Hand holding the foldable Honor V Purse phone

Without the accessories, the phone performs like a regular folding device  (Image credit: Honour)

The 'advantage' of the device is its two outward-facing screens which can be set to display whatever the wearer desires, so essentially you'll always have a bag to match your outfit. The phone also comes preset with handbag-style wallpapers that come to life as the environment changes, creating an interactive display that responds to motion. 

The design itself is rather simple, but Honor has made it clear that the device is supposed to be an accessory to wear with pride. However, calling the phone a 'purse' may be a bit of a stretch, as essentially the phone's only resemblance to a handbag is a number of interchangeable straps and chains - trying to fit anything else between the sandwiched screens would certainly be a challenge.

Screen display for the Honor V Purse phone

The charms function as app icons and 'fun' accessories  (Image credit: Honour)

However, there seems to be a safety concern that's been mostly overlooked in the design process. Will consumers want to sport their smartphones over their shoulders, or will flaunting your flip phone lead to you becoming a target for pickpockets? 

What's more, while purses come in all shapes and sizes, their predominant feature is to house your valuables in one contained space. Most of us require a little more than just our phones for an outing, so unless you're a real minimalist, this phone is certainly not a replacement for a trusty traditional handbag. 

With no announcement of a release date or more importantly, a price, this phone seems like it will need a little bit of a rethink before it's officially launched to consumers. While there's always a demand for smartphones to get well...smarter, perhaps this design puts fashion a little too ahead of function. With so many folding phones hitting the market, it seems like Honor may struggle to get consumers on their side with this one. 

If you're on the fence about the folding phone frenzy, you're not alone, we're still not convinced that they're more than just a fad. However, it seems like flip phones might be here to stay, with Samsung's 3D billboard celebrating the innovation of this retro revival. 

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