Get a great deal on a smarter icon library


It makes a lot of sense to get your icons from a library rather than make them yourself, but fitting them in with your designs could be a little troublesome if they don't fit in with your style or palette choice.

That's where Illustrio comes in. It's a smarter icon library that gives you complete control over your icons' appearance, so that from a single icon you can easily generate thousands of new ones, enabling you to quickly create something that fits exactly with your existing design.

Illustrio gives you much more choice than the average icon library

It's amazingly simple: you pick a simple icon, and then you can adjust its style and colours to suit your needs, making it easy for anyone to create beautiful content. 

There are a few palette option and styles that you can try without having to sign up – plus some great free icons for you to grab – but for the full benefit you'll need to create an account.

Once you've picked an icon it's easy to customise it to fit your design

And to celebrate the New Year, Illustrio has come up with a special offer for Creative Bloq readers to encourage you to try out its clever approach to icon design: 50 per cent off your first month's subscription. 

To redeem it, just head for the Illustrio pricing page, click on the subscription, and enter the following promocode: illustriocreative. Enjoy! 

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