Gloriously glitchy logos show the power of a strong brand

glitch logos - Ikea
(Image credit: Glitch Logos)

A good logo is instantly recognisable and forever memorable, letting you know exactly what brand you are dealing with. But is good logo design just something that humans can do? What if Twitter bots designed logos, would that change our perception of some of the world's biggest brands?.

Darius Kazemi originally launched his bot project, Glitch Logos, over three years ago, and the bot has been redrawing corporate logos ever since. No brand is too big, and several of the world's best logos have had the glitch treatment. Some look like a hammer has been taken to them, some look like they have been put in front of a heater for too long, while some are so malformed you have no idea of what could have possibly happened to them.

Check out some of our favourites below. Use the arrows to scroll through to more glitchy logos.

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Steven Jenkins is a freelance content creator who has worked in the creative industry for over 20 years. The web and design are in his blood. He started out as a web designer before becoming the editor of Web Designer magazine and later net magazine. Loud guitars, AFC Bournemouth, Photoshop, CSS, and trying to save the world take up the rest of this time.