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Godzilla vs Kong logo is here (and it's a monstrous disappointment)

Along with everything else that 2020 has thrown at us, film fans have had to contend with a barrage of delays to pretty much everything that was due out this year. One such film is Godzilla vs Kong, now due for release next May. A new logo was revealed yesterday – but it hasn't exactly hyped us for a battle between two of the most famous fictional monsters ever.

As the name suggests, the film is a crossover from Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse (sounds like a good name for 2020), and sees the dinosaur-like Godzilla come up against the ape-like King Kong. Marketing for the film hasn't yet begun, but the logo (below) was revealed during a livestream by an action figure company yesterday. If you're looking for something a little more striking, our logo design guide is full of inspiration. 

The logo features the words Godzilla vs Kong – and that's about it. Visual flourishes are limited to a random, presumably reptilian spike on Godzilla's 'I'. And worst of all, the light blue and orange text for the monsters' respective names feels almost friendly. Where's the drama? Where's the spectacle? If this logo is anything to by, rather than a potentially world-ending clash of titans, the battle could be more of a catfight. 

And it seems fans aren't impressed either. Already disappointed by the lack of marketing materials (we're yet to see any images of the beasts fighting), many have taken to Twitter to express their waning anticipation.

Still, while the logo is underwhelming, at least it's more dull than dreadful. Unlike this Australian logo that resembled a certain virus, or this month's cringe-worthy Malaysia Day logo fail, Godzilla vs Kong simply plays it too safe. But when the MonsterVerse's two most terrifying creatures are battling it out, we want to feel anything but safe.

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