Google roasts Apple's rumoured iPhone 15 redesign

A fan-made render of the iPhone 15 showing a USB-C port
A fan-made render of the iPhone 15 showing a USB-C port (Image credit: Ice Universe)

Apple's competitors have form when it comes to taking swipes at the company via their own ads. From Samsung to Intel, various brands have managed to come across as slightly desperate (or in the latter's case, bitter about being dumped for Apple's own silicon). The latest to take a shot is Google – and it might have a point this time.

One of the most persistent iPhone 15 rumours concerns the charging port. Against Apple's wishes (the brand has been strong-armed by EU laws), the Lightning port is, by all accounts, finally getting replaced by USB-C. Users have been crying out for this for years, as it could offer greater peripheral compatibility and charging speeds. In short, it's long overdue – something Google clearly can't resist pointing out in the latest ad for its Pixel smartphones.

Part of Google's #BestPhonesForever series, the ad, titled Spa Day, depicts an iPhone and a Pixel phone relaxing at a spa (naturally), and has already racked up over 33M views. With their cameras covered by cucumbers (again, naturally), the iPhone laments how its fall launches used to be huge, celebratory occasions, but now the Pixel line up has taken the lead with features including "unblurring old photos, answering unknown calls with AI, and live translating messages". 

The iPhone then hints that it still has "a few tricks up its sleeve" including the addition of USB-C, which it turns out the Pixel phone already knew. Yep, it seems even Google's Pixel phones read Creative Bloq.

Apple Lightning cable

Lightning could finally be no more (Image credit: David Talukdar via Getty Images)

It seems fans are loving the humorous ads. "Never thought iPhones and Pixels could be best friends! This is so exciting! Never stop making these!" One YouTuber comments, while another adds, "I have been loving this series since the beginning. The way they are roasting is phenominal. Keep grinding it, Google and Apple."

Indeed, while other attempts to troll Apple have proved somewhat cringeworthy, it seems Google is one of the first to pitch it just right. There ribbing is good-natured, thanks to the depiction of the phones as best friends, and hey, it really is about time USB-C came to the iPhone. 

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Daniel Piper
Senior News Editor

Daniel Piper is Creative Bloq’s Senior News Editor. As the brand’s Apple authority, he covers all things Mac, iPhone, iPad and the rest. He also reports on the worlds of design, branding and tech. Daniel joined Future in 2020 (an eventful year, to say the least) after working in copywriting and digital marketing with brands including ITV, NBC, Channel 4 and more. Outside of Future, Daniel is a global poetry slam champion and has performed at festivals including Latitude, Bestival and more. He is the author of Arbitrary and Unnecessary: The Selected Works of Daniel Piper (Selected by Daniel Piper).