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If you're a WordPress user, your website build experience is about to get way easier. And if you're also a fan of a Google's aesthetic, it's your lucky day as the tech giant has just released a new (experimental) plugin for its Material Design theme. In case you're not in the know, Material Design is the design language created by Google, which features realistic lighting, 3D effects and animation features. 

The WordPress add-on will allow users to replicate the experience of Google's first-party site – and without the need for coding. Thanks, Google. Now accessible to business-level WordPress users, the plugin allows you to customise colours and icons on your sites to align with the Material Design theme, which famously uses layers and replicates depth through lighting and shadows. For more options for building an awesome site, choose a top website builder and these brilliant web hosting services.

Google plugin

There's a choice of three preset themes (Image credit: Google)

Until now, the Material Design theme was only available for use on Android apps. But as of right now, those creating webpages will be able to use Google Fonts to add attention-grabbing typography, brighten things up with the perfect colour theme, create custom shapes and pick from a range of icon styles, too. There is a choice of three preset themes (which can be tweaked to customise), or users can create custom themes.

Google recognises the tool is in its infancy, and embraces the impact early users could have on the capabilities of the plugin, asking for improvement suggestions from users. 

"We want to use this time to learn more about what you want and need from a Material experience for WordPress," Jonathan Bingham, the Material Design product manager explained to users. "Love it? Hate it? What features would you like to see? Your feedback can help us understand what people building content-oriented sites need from a design system, making Material for the web better for everyone."

Google plugin

The preset themes are tweakable, or you can create a custom theme (Image credit: Google)

Given 40 per cent of the world's websites are created with WordPress, Google has chosen to bring its aesthetic to the maximum amount of users by plugging itself into WordPress. You can get involved by installing the starter themes right here.

We just hope users create websites that vary in theme, because as this viral Twitter thread proves, websites have been a little difficult to tell apart lately. Can you spot the difference?

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