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Get 95% off 5TB of IDrive cloud storage – now only $3.98!

iDrive cloud storage deal
(Image credit: IDrive)

Cloud storage is an unsexy but crucial consideration, which will stop you dealing with the mass loss of important files if the worst should happen. And if you can avoid shelling out big money, even better, right? Well, we've got incredible cloud storage deal that will get you a 95 per cent off the price of five terabytes of IDrive backup for an entire year for only $3.98. Yes you read that right. It's less than a cup of coffee. 

We deemed IDrive as the number one best cloud storage storage option in our roundup, so you know you're getting a quality service. And given it would usually cost you $69.50 per year, this is clearly is is an offer you don't want to miss.


IDrive deal: 5TB cloud storage for just $3.98
95% off!
Sign up for 5TB of IDrive storage and you can get your first year for $3.98 instead of the usual price of $79.50. That's less than you'd pay for a decent cup of coffee, and you'll get a whole year's peace of mind for it. Don't hang about, though, as this is a limited-time deal.

With one IDrive account you can back up files from all your devices, and on top of that you can get activity reports, two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, and you can easily use it to share files with friends and colleagues. And if you start to run out of your 5TB – which is unlikely unless you're regularly working with 8K video or similar – IDrive also offers 10TB and 12.5TB options that should more than do the job. 

This is a limited time, exclusive offer, though, and chances are that all this cloud storage information will fall right out of your brain in about 10 minutes' time given half a chance. So jump in and take advantage of this astounding deal right this second.

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