Has iOS 14 killed your iPhone's battery life? Here's what to do.

iOS 14
iOS 14 was released last month (Image credit: Apple)

Released last month, iOS 14 certainly seems to be a winner among iPhone users. From increased home screen customisation options to a bunch of invaluable accessibility tools, the update has proven hugely popular – except for one glaring issue plaguing certain users. Yep, it's our old friend battery drain.

Users have taken to Twitter (below) in their droves to complain of drastically reduced battery life since the update, with one even reporting an 87% drop in one hour. Battery complaints are common after iOS updates, but this time Apple has taken the unusual step of acknowledging the problem, and offering a rather drastic fix (which is just as well if it wants the iPhone 11 to keep its place on our best camera phones list). 

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In a new support page, Apple details several issues users might be facing after updating to iOS 14 and WatchOS 7. As well as battery drain, the list includes missing Workout GPS routes or Health data and inaccurate Activity app data.

As for Apple's proposed fix, in perhaps the ultimate "turn it off and on again," the company suggests performing a full Reset of your iPhone. This involves erasing all content and settings, then restoring from an iCloud backup. If you're also experiencing issues with your Apple Watch, Apple also suggest unpairing it from your iPhone – which essentially erases the Watch's settings too.

ios 14 icons

Users are loving iOS 14's custom homescreen options (Image credit: @neotzn on Twitter)

iOS 14 might be allowing users to express their creativity with their homescreens, and perform super-cool new tap gestures, but having to perform a full reset in order to achieve decent battery life isn't exactly ideal – especially if you're a creative used to battery-intensive apps for graphic design, for example. Still, we're pleased that Apple has acknowledged the problem and offered a fix, even if it's more of a hassle that we'd have liked.

With any luck, one device that should be safe from battery issues is the upcoming iPhone 12, no doubt optimised for iOS 14 (and beyond). Here's everything else we're expecting to see at next week's Apple event. If you can't wait, check out today's best iPhone 11 Pro deals below, and be sure to visit our Apple Amazon Prime Day page to find out what offers are available. 

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