Is this iPhone 12 accessory Apple’s most embarrassing design blunder?

iPhone 12 wallet
The MagSafe Wallet has a serious design flaw (Image credit: MacRumors)

If there's one tech company known for its design prowess, it's Apple. But even the best of the best can be prone to the occasional misstep. While the iPhone 12 range has won plaudits for its sleek, sharp-edged design, Apple's new accessories aren't quite as popular – and it seems one is proving more troublesome than the rest.

One of the main new features of the iPhone 12 is its magnet-powered MagSafe feature, which allows accessories to snap onto the back of the phone. These include chargers, cases and even card holders – but a serious design flaw with the latter suggests that even if it's one of the best camera phones, the iPhone 12 might not be the best choice of wallet.

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A hands-on video by MacRumors has revealed that when it comes to protecting your credit cards, the iPhone 12 MagSafe wallet is anything but safe. While the magnets are strong enough to adhere to the back of the phone while it is "shaken vigorously," that changes when the wallet is tapped – it many cases it simply "pops right off".

Even worse is when the phone is placed into a pocket (above), with the MagSafe wallet detaching from the phone every time. We don't know about you, but a wallet that accidentally ends up on the floor whenever you try to pocket it doesn't exactly sound ideal to us. 

Users have made their feelings known in the comments of MacRumors' video. "Could this be the worst idea for a product Apple has had in decades?" One user asks, while another adds, "That's a design failure. When did they come up with this? Two hours before the keynote?" One even goes so far as to call it the "biggest over-promise/under-deliver by Apple in a long time".

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Believe it or not, the MagSafe Wallet isn't the only official iPhone 12 accessory catching heat online. The transparent MagSafe case has recently been called Apple's ugliest design ever, with its rather, er, conspicuous magnets. The real question, of course, is whether either the MagSafe wallet or case are as abominable as the infamous Magic Mouse 2 when it comes to Apple design fails.

Thankfully, the iPhone 12 itself is quite the design triumph. We're big fans of the flat-edged shape, which harks back to the timeless iPhone 5 design – and we're particularly taken with the delightfully retro iPhone 12 mini. You'll have to wait another few days to pre-order the most diminutive device, but the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are available right now – check out the best deals below, and keep an eye on our Apple Black Friday page for more unmissable offers. 

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