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Adorable iPod tribute smashes Kickstarter target

Hello, old friend (Image credit: Classicbot)

We all love a bit of nostalgia every now and then, and retro product designs are a surefire way to have us hankering for simpler times. That's no doubt why Classicbot's latest Kickstarter campaign has been a runaway success. iBoy is a tribute to "the beloved iconic mp3 player that changed it all" (we think we know which one Classicbot means), and while the desktop accessory doesn't play music, it does feature an adorable smiling face, and removable arms and legs – because why not?

The iBoy figure is the brainchild of Classicbot designer, Philip Lee. It is 100 per cent free of electronic parts or functions, but the clickwheel is both rotatable and clickable, making it "the perfect fiddle toy for when you're bored or stressed". 

And the optional magnetic arms, legs and earphones allow for a variety of poses. Classicbot is kind enough to offer a few suggestions (below). The original iPod remains one of Apple's most iconic designs, despite having long been replaced by products like the iPhone and iPad (check out our best cheap iPad deals in you're in the market for a new tablet).


We don't remember our iPod being able to do this (Image credit: Classicbot)

While iBoy's original Kickstarter target was £7,400, it's on course to smash a stretch goal of £20,000. If it hits that target, Classicbot will offer a brand new colour option (below), based on the famous red and black U2 Edition iPod released in 2007. Those who have already pledged for iBoy will have the option to swap their order for this edition.

iBoy U2 edition

iBoy's U2 Edition (Image credit: Classicbot)

Classicbot was born out of "a soft spot for product designs from the '80s and '90s", and the iBoy isn't the only one of its retro Apple-based collectibles. Check out its website to find other nostalgic figures based on models such as the iMac G3 and even the original Macintosh. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to search the attic for our original iPod. 

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