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Keep your hands in shape with this infographic

We're all kind of aware that sitting hunched at a desk all day isn't the healthiest way to live; bad posture can lead you to all manner of aches, pains and worse later in life. Doing some regular desk exercises can help combat the effects of a long day spent editing paths, and choosing the right desk or chair for your studio can make a difference too.

If you're spending your days drawing or sketching, though, you might need to go a little further to prevent your precious hands mutating into gnarled claws after all those hours clutching your 2B (or stylus).

To help keep your paws in tip-top shape, comic artist Kaitlin Bruder has put together one of the best infographics we've seen in a while, detailing a number of hand and wrist stretches that she does regularly, especially when she's drawing or has been on her phone of computer for a while.

Click the infographic to enlarge it

Kaitlin recommends these exercises for before and after heavy or repetitive hand, wrist or arm activity; "As a baseline i usually do ‘em when I wake up and before I sleep and then as needed through the day," she explains.

If you find these exercises useful and need a more permanent reminder of them, Kaitlin has put them on Redbubble for you to buy them as a poster or a t-shirt, so there's no excuse for having ruined hands.

If this has inspired you to put together your own data visualisation, take a look at our roundup of the best infographic tools around.

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