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Whimsical new KFC ad will brighten your day

KFC video screenshot
A shot from KFC's new ad (Image credit: KFC)

As certain lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the UK, fast food chains have seen fit to begin reopening restaurants for delivery. Among them is KFC, which has marked the occasion with a tongue-in-cheek ad paying tribute to fans' DIY fried chicken efforts during lockdown.

The ad (below) features mobile phone footage of said chicken, set to the familiar strains of everyone's favourite power ballad, All By Myself by Celine Dion. A brief message thanks fans, declaring "we'll take it from from here." Cue cinematic shots of KFC's fried chicken landing in a bucket – all in slow motion, of course. Check out our best laptops for video editing if you fancy making your own masterpiece (with or without fried chicken). 

The whimsical new ad is in keeping with KFC's online tone, although the brand seems to have changed its tune when it comes to fans' attempts to replicate its chicken. Just last month, KFC took to brutally reviewing homemade efforts on Twitter (below). Call us cynical, but with restaurants reopening, KFC has chosen an opportune moment to start turning on the charm. 

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The ad was cooked up by UK agency Mother London.  While it's a fun video, the agency was aware of the challenge of striking the right tone during the coronavirus pandemic (something McDonald's found out the hard way with the backlash to its social distancing logo). “Hopefully it’s going to land at the right time, with the right tone, with the right frame and hopefully will put a smile on people’s faces," the agency told Creative Review

We'd say they've managed to hit the spot with this fun tribute to people's creativity during these strange times. That said, we can't help wondering whether all that homemade chicken would look just as good as KFC's if treated to the same cinematic production values. Just a thought. 

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