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Discover how to create realistic environments with unmissable artist insights, and how to speed up your ZBrush workflow and sculpt faster in Blender. Plus, the 3D World team go behind the scenes at ILM to discover the phenomenal VFX secrets behind Kong: Skull Island.

This issue, become a VFX king with an interview with the masters behind Kong: Skull Island. ILM's CG secrets are revealed in this feature, focusing on the challenges of creating the fur-covered monster from this familiar Blockbuster. 

Readers will also find 42 pages of training, video tutorials and assets free to download with the issue. There are tutorials on sculpting creative characters faster in Blender, creating enticing scenes in UE4, creating plant forms in C4D and rendering a pop horror monster in Corona. 

Once again, the team has partnered with Pluralsight to offer a free 6-hour video course on character design in 3ds Max Maya –  the download includes the full video course and project files.

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Get insight into the VFX secrets of Kong: Skull Island
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Find out how Gordei Krasnov animated a monster for his short film
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Make better environments with Steven Hong's tips
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Master powerful portraits using ZBrush
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Use Houdini 16's Solid Objects tools to make bubbles
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Build a sci-fi samurai character with Oskars Dzenis' pipeline
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Make playful character concepts in Blender
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