Baby Yoda is the latest (and cutest) Lego set – and we need it now

Lego Baby Yoda
Cutest Lego set ever? (Image credit: Lego)

When The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ last November, one character managed to win pretty much the whole of the internet's heart. Yes, we're talking about Baby Yoda (sorry, 'The Child'), and in a welcome piece of good news for 2020, you'll soon be able to get your hands on your very own 7.8-inch model of Baby Yoda – and you can even build it yourself.

Lego has just announced a 1,073-piece Baby Yoda set, complete with a posable head, movable ears and an adjustable mouth. And with the release date set for 30 October, you don't have long to wait to start building one of the most popular pieces of character design ever.

Is Baby Yoda as adorable in brick form? Perhaps not quite, but any loss of cuteness is balanced by the fact that you get to build him yourself. Out of Lego. And as we all know, Lego instantly makes everything cooler – as Lego sets for adults prove.

Lego Baby Yoda

The set includes an information plaque as well as a Baby Yoda mini-figure (Image credit: Lego)

The set also includes an information plaque detailing The Child's age and height, as well as a Lego mini-figure of the character. It even includes a Lego version of the character's favourite toy – a gearstick knob (each to their own).

“When I received the challenge to create a Lego brick-built version of the Child, I knew that I had to get it just right” Lego's design manager Michael Lee Stockwell says in a blog post on Lego's website. “The goal was to capture the charm, and above all, the cuteness of the character, so we worked meticulously, choosing and placing each and every brick."

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Lego's Baby Yoda set is available to preorder right now at, and at $79.99, Baby Yoda is by no means one of the most expensive Lego sets around. And the 30 October release date conveniently happens to be the same date that The Mandalorian Series 2 lands – here's how to get 15% off Disney+ before then. 

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