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Louis Vuitton optical illusion divides the internet

Every now and again the internet serves up a controversial colour-based question that splits people firmly down the middle. Whether you thought that dress was white and gold, or blue and black, you'll be pleased to hear another corker has been found. This time it's in the high-end form of some Louis Vuitton sneakers. 

Click on the image to enlarge it (Image credit: @_MasterSalah on Twitter)

An eagle-eyed, but quite confused, Twitter user shared the image above and asked for opinions. And people are certainly divided. (Find out more about how colours relate to each other in our colour theory post.)

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All we see is black. And others see only white. But not everyone is so certain.

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There are several theories floating around as to why this might be the case. Many commented that the shoes have been photographed in the dark with the flash on, which gives the impression of the white shoes being black. And the LV emblems may be glow-in-the-dark, apparently. One commenter suggests changing the brightness on your computer screen, which shows the sneakers as white (below).

LV shoes

Turn the brightness up and you'll get closer to reality (Image credit: Alistair)

Gino's poll currently shows that 44.2 per cent of the Twitterverse believe the shoes to be white, and 53.4 per cent see them as black. The rest chose the 'other' option, so who knows what colour those folk are seeing.

The optical illusion may not be as controversial as these moments in branding, but these conundrums are a way to wile away a few minutes pondering the reality of what lies before you. And they spark a great debate, too.

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