Is this Apple’s most ludicrous move yet?

While Apple isn't exactly known for the cheapness of its products, 2019's Mac Pro took its pricing to eye-watering heights. From its mind-bogglingly expensive accessories (more on those later) to the $53,000 price tag for the maxed-out model, this powerhouse machine is by no means an impulse buy for creatives. But now, you can save a whopping $9,000 on a refurbished model via Apple's Certified Refurbished store.

Now, a $9,000 saving is of course huge – until you realise you'll still have to fork out $44,000. Spec-wise, the Mac Pro might be a shoo-in for the top spot of our best computers for graphic design (and best computers for video editing, for that matter) but at that price, it clearly isn't aimed at your average graphic designer or video editor. Still, $40k for a refurbished model feels pretty ludicrous. 

Mac Pro

Bargain! (Image credit: Apple)

With a 28-core, 2.5-GHz Intel Xeon W processor, 1.5TB of RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo MPX modules (for connecting multiple monitors) and an Apple Afterburner card for faster video processing, this is a whopper of a machine – perfectly suited to high-spec production studios (with lots of cash to burn). But one thing this refurb model doesn't include is wheels.

If we baulked at the price of the Mac Pro itself, the Mac Pro Wheels Kit made us, well, keep baulking. For just $699, you can give your Mac Pro the privilege of being able to roll around a bit. Oh, and while we're at it, the Mac Pro monitor stand costs $999. Bargain. 

Mac Pro Wheels

Apple's wheels of fortune (Image credit: Apple)

Still, if you do fancy bagging yourself the most powerful computer Apple currently offers, head over to the Apple Certified Refurbished store . All of Apple's refurbished products are "rigorously" tested, and include the same one-year warranty as brand new products. 

UPDATE: It seems the refurbished Mac Pro has already sold out. Someone clearly had a spare $40k ready to go. Don't worry, though – you can still bag a bargain with this incredible Apple sale. And if you're looking for a more portable (not to mention affordable) powerhouse, you could do a lot worse than the MacBook Pro. Check out the best deals below. 

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Daniel Piper
Senior News Editor

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