Why is no one talking about the new Apple MacBook Pro’s best feature?

If you've been living under a rock, you may have missed the latest Apple event in which the company announced the new MacBook Pro, complete with a new design. But there is one thing about the new laptop that's slipped under the radar that we think might just be its best feature.

The newest MacBook Pro dropped this week at the Apple Unleashed event. While Airpods, new designs, and good old computer ports were the talk of the town, there was one feature that grabbed our attention in particular – the 1080p camera. Laptops aren't exactly famous for their high-quality webcams, but the latest MacBook Pro will sport a 1080p camera that will help to make working from home that much easier and more professional. If you are searching for a MacBook, make sure you check out our best Apple deals.

A photo of someone using the MacBook Pro to FaceTime.

The new 1080p camera is hidden within the MacBook Pro's notch (Image credit: Apple)

According to Apple, the MacBook Pro "uses a lens with a wider aperture that lets in more light," and partnered with the "larger image sensor that has more efficient pixels, the camera delivers two times better low‑light performance." And when you combine the new high-quality camera, studio-standard mics, and six-speaker sound system, it's arguably the best laptop a creative could buy for working on projects from home. 

The new MacBook Pro comes with a handful of new upgrades that fans are loving, such as the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chip and the return of the HDMI and SD ports. The new MacBook has also gotten rid of the problematic touch bar and replaced it with nifty shortcut keys. However, not all is well in the Apple fandom, the computer will now feature one of the iPhone's most infamous design flaws - the notch. 

The Apple event has been causing a stir online, and the new and improved camera has led to some enthused comments on Twitter. One user tweeted, "Wow, with 1080p camera laptop videos for YouTube publishing could be a thing again," and another tweeted, "Finally a good camera for MacBook Pro. My current MacBook pro camera is worse than an average phone's camera." It seems as though the 1080p camera is exciting the masses, and we have to agree – we can't wait for a high-quality FaceTime experience after so many years of blurry screens. 

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You can order the latest MacBook Pro from the Apple Store today. And if you missed the latest Apple event then you can catch up on all the latest MacBook updates or you can jump straight into the shopping, and check out our Apple black Friday deals.  

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