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This is the new 2021 MacBook Pro feature we're most excited about

We've heard plenty of exciting rumours about the 2021 MacBook Pro, covering everything from ports to the webcam (which, in short, is going to be a bit less awful). But new reports suggest the machine could be getting one of the most exciting updates the MacBook lineup has seen in a while.

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the 2021 MacBook Pro will be the first Apple laptop to feature an LED display, which means brighter colours and bolder contrast. The tech hit the iPad lineup earlier this year, and could soon make our best laptop for graphic design even better. 

iPad Pro M1 2021

We were blown away by the 12.9-inch iPad's new LED display (Image credit: Apple)

Gurman claims in his Power On newsletter that updated 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros will drop between September and November this year. The machines will allegedly feature a tweaked, flat-edged design and more ports – including the return of Apple's magnetic MagSafe charging tech

But the most exciting upgrade is that LED display. Originally confined to just the 'Pro' iPhone models, the screen tech has been making its way to the rest of Apple's product line up. We were blown away by the screen in our 12.9-inch M1 iPad review, but a 16-inch LED display sounds an absolute treat for digital artists.

4th July sale

It's about time the 16-inch MacBook was given an update (Image credit: Apple)

Not only that, but the 16-inch MacBook has languished without an update since 2019. Indeed, it's one of the only Macs not to have been given the incredible M1 chip – but if the monster Mac gets the even more powerful M1X chip as rumoured as well as a super new screen, it could well become the device to end all devices for graphic design.

While the M1 chip is incredible, we were a little disappointed that Apple didn't see fit to give the MacBook Pro and Air a new design last year. But with those colourful MacBook Air rumours and now this, it seems the company is finally upping the ante from a visual perspective. That said, if power is all that matters to you, there's no denying that the current M1 Macs are as future-proof as it gets. Check out today's best deals below, and visit our Apple deals page for more offers.

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