Apple's worst ever design: a new contender emerges

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack
(Image credit: Steven Russell on Reddit)

Fans were excited when Apple quietly revealed the new iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack last week. While previous MagSafe accessories haven't been up to scratch, this seemed like exactly what the tech was made for. But we've just been given our first real-world glimpse of the Battery Pack, and it isn't quite as pretty as Apple's glossy marketing images might suggest.

One Apple customer took to Reddit today after getting their hands on a MagSafe battery pack early. And if their photos are anything to go by, this thing is thick. Very thick. Maybe you shouldn't discount any of the best power banks just yet.

magsafe_battery_pack from r/iPhone12

Steven Russell reveals (above) that the Battery Pack is constructed from "hard but smooth plastic" (as opposed to silicon), and has a very strong magnetic attachment to the back of the iPhone 12. He claims that the rounded edges of the accessory make it comfortable to hold.

iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack

It's thick. Very thick. (Image credit: Steven Russell on Reddit)

But many users just can't get past that thickness. This is the first time we've seen the device outside of Apple's own product renders, and it certainly, er, protrudes more than we expected. The device clearly doubles the thickness of the iPhone itself – and it's clear that Twitter users are finding it less than sleek. You could even call it, to use one of the internet's favourite words, chonky.

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"This is much thicker than I thought, cancelling my order," one Redditor comments, while another adds, "Holy shit this is thick." And Twitter is even more unkind. "Apple should just make the phone a little thicker and put more battery in it, instead of selling a product that makes the phone look like a pregnant whale," one user exclaims. "That is no Jony Ive design. Yikes. Times certainly have changed," another adds.

And with that, it seems the MagSafe Battery Pack has gone from long-awaited accessory to bonafide Apple design crime, where it joins the likes of the Magic Mouse 2 and MagSafe charging case. Alas, while Apple is certainly known for the quality of its design, the company doesn't always get it right – and MagSafe is one area where things haven't been looking great. From damage-prone cases to fall-prone wallets, the tech hasn't proven to be a winner just yet.

Thankfully, the iPhone 12 itself is a delightfully sleek piece of kit. With a retro, flat-edged design that harks back to the days of the iPhone 5, it looks great – until you stick a battery pack to it. Check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below, and be sure to take a look at our best Apple deals for more offers. 

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