McDonald’s accidentally reveals its hideous new PS5 controller

McDonald's PS5 controller
(Image credit: McDonald's/Sony/Future owns)

While the PS5 has proven immensely popular with gamers (as anyone who has tried and failed to get hold of one will attest), it hasn't fared quite as well with designers. From the gargantuan console itself to the clunky DualSense controller, the new generation of gaming ain't pretty. But it seems it could be worse. Much worse. McWorse.

We've just been given a glimpse of McDonald's' own take on the DualSense controller, and to be quite frank, it's hideous. But now for the good news: it'll never see the light of day. Not only has the fast food chain clarified that the image was released accidentally, but Sony has also confirmed that it isn't, er, lovin' it. (Happy with plain old white? Here's where to buy a PS5). 

McDonald's PS5 controller

Ouch, our eyes! (Image credit: McDonald's)

Ever wished your video game controller featured a vector illustration of a burger and French fries, along with a hideously clashing red, white and yellow colour scheme? For a moment back there, it looked like you might be in luck – the existence of a McDonald's DualSense controller was reported by Press Start after McDonald’s Australia announced in a press release that it will be produced in limited quantities for “Stream Week,” an event celebrating McDonald's 50th year in Australia. 

But in a dramatic twist, McDonald's then revealed in a statement to IGN that the image "was provided to media in error and there is no commercial relationship between McDonald's Australia and Sony PlayStation. Sony PlayStation has not authorised the use of its controller in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event and we apologise for any inconvenience caused." Oops. 

But it seems that for most gamers, the fact that the controller won't become a reality isn't exactly bad news. Indeed, like Sony, many had beef with the burger pedlar's DualSense design. 

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Still, one thing we can't fault McDonald's for is wanting to add some new colour to the PS5. Apart from the new red and black controllers announced this year, there isn't a lot of choice right not. As far as the console goes, your options are currently limited to white, white or white. No wonder modded PS5 designs have proven so popular. 

This is by no means the first blunder we've seen from McDonald's recently. Last year, it managed to offend the internet with its tasteless coronavirus-themed logo. But at least this latest design fail isn't about to enter the physical realm. If you're ready to start gaming, check out today's best games console deals below.

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