This beautiful PS5 redesign is the best console mod yet

Whatever you think of the PS5's gargantuan, bright white design, there's no denying that it was made to stand out. From coveted black faceplates to a water-cooled design, we've seen all sorts of PlayStation 5 mods – but this is the first that's designed to actually blend into your home. We dare say it even looks rather classy.

In a brilliant new video (below), one YouTuber has revealed a smart new redesign of the entire PS5, made out of wood. It's a Far Cry (little gaming pun for you there) from the brash, plastic look of the original. Feeling lucky? Here's where to buy a PS5.

Calling the redesign a 'Stealthy PS5', DIY Perks details the process of stripping away everything but the core of the console, then re-assembling it to fit the svelte new form factor. And made from a combination of carbon fibre and walnut hardwood, the outer shell is simply stunning. It makes that water-cooled PS5 mod look positively garish.

PS5 mod

Swoon (Image credit: DIY Perks)

And YouTubers are absolutely loving the redesign. "I would literally redesign my entire office to match that build," one user comments, while another adds, "this is how it should've looked, instead of looking like an ugly dehumidifier. Great job!"

With Sony itself recently admitting that it might have to redesign the PS5 in order to meet stock demand, it might not be long until we see a new look for the console. If it looks half as classy as this effort, we're sold. That said, whatever it looks like, if we can actually get hold of it, we're also sold. In the meantime, there's always these awesome Nintendo Switch deals

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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