This is the coolest PS5 redesign we've seen – literally

Given the initial response to Sony's controversial PS5 design last summer, it's hardly surprising that we've seen a ton of mods already. From black faceplates to a solid gold skin, the PlayStation 5 has been given many an unofficial makeover in the last few months. But this new offering is quite literally the coolest yet.

Vietnamese YouTube channel Modding Cafe has revealed the first-ever water-cooled PS5 console,  and not only does the mod effectively manage the temperature of the machine, but it also looks pretty wild. If you're lucky enough to own the hottest console in town (here's where to buy a PS5 if you fancy your chances), this is one way of cooling it down.

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The 13-minute video (above) reveals the full construction process, including instructions for dismantling the console. We already know from Sony's own teardown video that this isn't a particularly challenging feat. The real work is constructing the actual water-cooling system, which, according to VGC, took the YouTubers over two months.

At the end of the video, Modding Cafe puts the system to the test, with surprisingly-effective results. Heat emitted from the back of the PS5 is effectively stabilised at 122°F (50°C). It's worth nothing, however, that this is marginally worse than the PS5's stock fan system, which, according to CNET, keeps the console at around 83.4°F (28.6°C).

So why do it? The main benefits of water cooling are that it's quieter than fan cooling, and requires less room. As we know, the PS5 is an utterly gargantuan machine – and the screenshot below demonstrates how Modding Cafe has been able to reduce the size of its plastic casing. If Sony were to release a 'PS5 Mini' in future, perhaps water cooling is one way it could shave some previous centimetres.

Water-cooled PS5 console alongside the original design

The water-cooled mod (left) is slightly smaller than the original (right) (Image credit: Modding Cafe)

Of course, on the spectrum of PS5 mods, we'd place this at the opposite end to using a Post-It to change the colour of the logo. Indeed, this is one of the most complex hacks we've seen, and it goes without saying that it'll void (nay, decimate) your warranty. 

But according to VGC, the designer is "continuing to prepare for a commercial version," so who knows – maybe you'll be able to buy a water-cooled PS5 mod some time soon. Until then, there's always that ridiculous gold PS5. Or, if you don't have a spare $2M, the best Nintendo Switch deals are a little more reasonable.

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