Upgrade your PS5 with this ingenious logo hack

If you're lucky enough to have actually got hold of a PlayStation 5 since they launched last year, your day is about to get even better (hard to believe, we know). There's a new PS5 design hack in town and all you need is a Post-it. Yes, you read that right. It's certainly one of the most achievable, and affordable, ways to upgrade your PS5 we've seen – and gamers are already going wild for it. 

Now, you might be happy with the colourless frontage of your console, but if you'd like to jazz things up a bit then turn your attention to the cutout PS5 logo situated on the top-right hand corner. 

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Take a colored post-it, cut it like this and get any color logo you want! from r/gaming

Simply take a Post-it (you can even choose the colour), cut it as shown and stick it to the back. Mind-blowing, right? Well, maybe not quite. But it's a nifty way to personalise your PS5 in a small way – and much less ostentatious than forking out a spare $2million for this luxurious (ludicrous) gold console

Folk on Reddit were delighted with the hack, with comments ranging from wtfobl (opens in new tab)'s 'I may do this myself cause it’s way easier/feels safer than spray painting it', to this ingenious suggestion from P0tat0_Carl (opens in new tab): 'Print out an small photo of Jack Nicholson chopping through the door from the shining and to use instead of the post it, fun times will be had by all'. 

Others suggested even more imaginative upgrades such as using vinyl stickers, creating a watercolour gradient or even glow in the dark paint. Check out the rest of the thread here (opens in new tab) if you're intrigued.

It's a big week for Post-It news, with its slick new rebrand recently dividing the internet. We wonder whether that, or this hack, will have more success in boosting sales.

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